Waterproofing Products

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ADCOS CC is committed to value-based pricing and proven solutions in waterproofing for the most demanding requirements.

ADCOS CC is a company specialized in the sector, being part of and collaborating in this type of business from a technical and commercial point of view, with leading manufacturers in this industry at a global level dedicated to the investigations and production of innovative and of the highest quality waterproofing products.
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We offer products for the waterproofing of:

  • Foundations
  • Tunnels and cut-and-cover tunnels
  • Compensation tanks, Retention drums for chemicals and hydrocarbons, Swimming Pools, Lakes, Dolphinariums, reservoirs…
  • Potable water tanks for human consumption
  • Structure protection against corrosion and oxidation E.D.A.R
  • Bridge decks
  • White Roofs, Green Roofs, Parking Roofs

ADCOS CC gives you support you need with your project by offering multiple services:

  • Wide range of personalized concepts
  • Water leak Analysis in existing structures
  • Concepts, specifications, breakdown
  • Specific solutions, implementation formation, on-site support
  • Tested quality control systems
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Range of products to give waterproofing solution coverage depending on the use and characteristics of the structure.

• Flexible membrane. High quality compartmentalized PVC and TPO flexible membrane systems • Coatings with thermoset spray-applied pure, hybrid and aliphatic polyurea • Coatings with thermoset spray-applied bi-component polyurethane • Single component polyurethane coatings • Bi-component Epoxy coatings and protection • Waterproofing systems with MTC Technology • Cementitious waterproofing • Acrylic-polyurethane • Acrylic • Anti-corrosion treatments up to C5 category or of high micronage

Waterproofing Systems (Drainage Sheet)

Geotextile Drainage sheet is a high-density polyethylene nodular membrane with polypropylene geotextile sheets, developed for the protection of underground structures, both in civil engineering works and in construction and industrial works. It has high compression resistance, allowing it to be used for virtually any needed works.

Easy placement. The Geotextile Drainage Sheet is used in combination with a manifold located on the bottom of the wall. It meets three essential functions in the longevity of the work:

  • To stop and evacuate the filtered water or the water from the surface, thereby reducing the hydrostatic pressure on the underground structures.
  • To maintain an air chamber over the entire surface thereof.
  • To protect the sealing sheets from mechanical degradation risk, especially during backfilling and compaction.

Manufactured under a controlled industrial process,  geotextile Drainage Sheets offer the simplicity and reliability of a “ready to install” product.

Geotextile Drainage Sheets are formed by two elements:

An alveolus structure of high density polyethylene-HDPE-which forms a chamber between the construction and the terrain, through which the air and water vapor circulate.

A nonwoven polypropylene fiber filter which  filters the terrain water thus enhancing the draining system capacity.  


  • Foundation walls.
  • Containment walls.
  • Bridge abutments.
  • Tunnels.
  • Reservoirs.
  • Tanks, swimming pools, canals.
  • Green terraces.





Waterproofing Systems ( Thermoset spray-applied polyurea/polyurethane)

Waterproofing systems using polyurethane, polyurea, means an optimal and long lasting solution for all type of waterproofing works: any type of roofs and terraces, artificial ponds, water tanks,  reservoirs, landfills, etc.

¿What is a system?

A systems seems very complicated to follow, but actually, it is only a correct combination of products perfectly adapted to the needs of the project.

Depending on the problem which is presented, the support upon which it is to be applied or the desired end use of the system, will require one solution or the other, using either polyurea or polyurethane, with or without aliphatic finish.

If you have a waterproofing project, we invite you to contact us and learn more about our products and systems. We will guide you through a wide range of polyurethane and pure and hybrid polyurea products for your roofs, water tanks, etc., always perfectly adapting to the needs of our Clients and their project.

The larger the surface area to be treated, the more appreciated is the hot sprayed product application and rapid drying. Both polyurea and polyurethane based products, in ADCOS CC we count on a wide range of Spray products for all your waterproofing needs.


Impermax 2K is a two component polyurethane membrane of moderate reactivity for the application of elastic membranes with crack-bridging capability.  It cures very fast and is solvent-free. Is ideal for waterproofing concrete structures, roofs and terraces. 


Pure polyurea is a product with excellent qualities among the hot sprayed products.   It has a high chemical resistance and extremely high mechanical properties. Complies with the sanitary water quality criteria, which makes it ideal for the waterproofing of both drinking water and wastewater facilities. Pure Polyurea is also suitable to waterproof  concrete structures or secondary containment structures, landfills, tunnels, etc. 


The Polyurea F is a pure polyurea resin. It is of fast curing and provides an elastic membrane with crack-bridging capability. Can be combined with different geotextiles to obtain on-site applied, seamless liners.

Like the Polyurea Rayston, Polyurea F is composed of 100% pure polyurea, ideal for waterproofing concrete structure or for secondary containment structures, reservoirs, landfills, etc.


Impermax Polyurea H is modified two-component polyurea resin. It is a cheaper alternative to using pure polyurea for the coating of  concrete structures or decks. Curing is slightly slower and more leveling than pure polyureas. Although commonly used in waterproofing projects, it is also suitable for coating floors, although it is most applied in the treatment of roofs.


Within the range of products of modified polyureas, Impermax Polyurea H Flex is a product with greater elasticity, specially designed for roofs and areas subjected to a lot of movement. It is a flexible elastomer and it is a more economic option and slightly slower and more self-levelling than the pure polyureas.

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